When Your Child is a Motorcycle Passenger

(In California the passenger's feet must be able to touch the footpegs otherwise they cannot ride.)

Keeping your child safe while riding in a car or truck is a difficult task that involves choosing the proper safety seat, and using the available seat belts. Keeping your child safe while riding on a motorcycle is a difficult task of a different nature. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers some advice.


Make sure your child wears a helmet and proper, protective clothing.  

Advise your child never to get on a motorcycle when the operator has been drinking. Both your child and the intoxicated operator should get a ride with someone who has not been drinking.  

Remind your child to get on the motorcycle only after the engine has started; sit as far forward as possible, directly behind the operator; avoid contact with the muffler; and keep both feet on the foot rests at all times, even when the motorcycle is stopped. And to prevent the bike from falling over, only dismount from the motorcycle when the operator says it is okay.  

Teach your child to hold firmly to the motorcycle operator's waist, hips, or belt; keep movement to a minimum; and lean when the operator does.  

Remind your child to keep their feet on the pegs at all times, including while stopped, and keep hands and feet away from hot or moving parts.  

Remind your child to avoid distracting the operator with unnecessary conversation.  

Do not let your child ride with someone unless the operator has a motorcycle license and is insured. Make sure the operator is experienced and capable of handling a motorcycle.



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