The Meyers

Larry Meyers  GWRRA   # 150421

Jackie Meyers # 150421-01

Shawn Meyers  #150421-02

Morgan Meyers  # 150421-03


My first experience with motorized two wheels was in 1965 when a friend of mine owned a kit-built mini bike we rode in  the hills of Newbury Park.  Back then there were plenty of  abandoned walnut orchards and rolling hills from the exodus of the cattle industry.  The Borchard Ranch made an excellent playground for motorcycles and dune buggies like the “Meyers Manx” (no relation) that was very popular in the late ‘60's early ‘70’s.  My brother bought a Yamaha 250 Enduro just before joining the Marines.  Guess where it spent most of  its time while he was in boot camp and away at basic training?  

It’s a good thing that I took most of my learning spills on the mini bike and some how managed not to damage my brothers motorcycle.  Several other friends of mine had dirt bikes that they shared once in a while like the Anderson brothers with their Honda  Trail 50’s and Gordon with his old blue Allstate 250. I was saving my paper route money for a car.

I didn’t purchase my first motorcycle until four years after I was married. A neighbor down the street had a used bike for sale and my wife gave me permission to check it out. She knew I had longed to get a motorcycle and thought this would be a good time to try out a used street bike.  Well, I went straight out and bought a new ’78 KZ400 at the local Kawasaki dealer, after all I had my  wife’s permission to buy a motorcycle.  After getting over the initial shock, she was fine with the new motorcycle since Oxnard Kawasaki (later known as Cal Coast of Oxnard) made me a pretty good deal and threw in a pair of helmets.  The helmets and $50 was the deal breaker keeping me from buying the Honda Hawk at Honda of Oxnard.  I rode that Kawasaki to work during the week and Jackie and I would take short day trips around the county on weekends.  The back roads into and around Lockwood Valley became very familiar territory.  On a “DARE” ride to raise  money for drug awareness education we had the smallest two-up motorcycle of the group.  I was envious of all the Goldwing riders and vowed that one day I would own one.

In 1996 I heard of an LAPD narcotics officer that had a 1985 Goldwing Aspencade for sale.  A deal was struck and I was the now the proud owner of my first touring motorcycle.  Jackie (my wife) and I headed down to San Diego on our first ever over-nighter trip on a motorcycle.  On the way down the power cut off and I determined it was a loose connection on the starter solenoid.  The connector was building carbon from an electrical arc and heated to the point of melting.  I was able to coast down hill to a hardware store where I bought a solder iron and some electrical tape.  The owner of the store let me borrow an extension cord so I could work on the motorcycle in the parking lot.  In no time the bike was fixed and the rest of the trip was a beautiful adventure.  A few months later and several more trips  I finally decided to sell the Kawasaki.  Jackie loved to be my co-rider and the kids would fight on who would go on the next ride with dad.

Tour riding was now in my blood and I had a family that supported my love for two-wheeled voyeurism of the scenic outdoors.  A friend of mine was itching to buy my clean looking Aspencade and I was ready to buy a new fully loaded Goldwing SE.  In May of 2000 I bought a new GL 1500 SE. The family voted  on the candy red color and after a few more accessories including two color matched helmets the rest is GWRRA history.

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