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Feb. 2002

An interview with  Jim and Pat Moynagh (pronounced 'moyna')

By Roy Hooper

Former District Directors and  CA1S Chapter Directors

CA1S: How did you each get involved with motorcycles?

Pat:  When I met Jim he had a bike.  We rode a few times and I realized that I really enjoyed it.  And that was the start of something very special.  

Jim:  I bought my first motorcycle in 1965 after being discharged from the US Army.  

It was a Honda 250 Street Scrambler.  I had this bike when I met Pat.  

It was setup with a large sprocket and a knobby rear tire for use on the  

street and in the dirt.  I sold it in 1970 because I didn't have the time or money  

the keep it running.  It was not comfortable for commuting to work.  

CA1S: How did you each get involved with GWRRA?

Pat:  We went to a motorcycle show, there was a booth for GWRRA we stopped by,  

the people there left a positive impression of both of us. They gave us a copy of Wing World. Jim read it, became an booster member and we were off and running.  

Jim:  We learned about GWRRA by attending the Motorcycle Show in Anaheim in 1992.  We had bought a 74' CB 750.  We has decided we might like to get back into riding again.  I found this older bike with after market fairing, windshield and saddle bags.  I needed to get a motorcycle endorsement on my License and we wanted to make sure  we would enjoy riding again. This was an inexpensive way to accomplish our goals.  

I first joined GWRRA as a Booster in 1993.  A short time later we decided it was time to buy a better motorcycle.  After shopping around for several weeks we found a 1987 GL- 1200 Interstate with about 20,000 miles on the odometer.  After buying the Gold Wing I applied for Full membership for my self and Associate membership for Pat.  

At that time Co-Riders were not Full members.

CA1S: What are some of your highlights with the GWRRA?

Pat:  There really have been a lot of great things that have happened to both if us.  

We really have been blessed.  I enjoyed being chapter directors and re-opening chapter CA1S.  We met a lot of GREAT people and were able to get them involved with

CA1S and GWRRA.  Seeing the chapter grow and develop has been a great experience.  But, I was more then thrilled when Jim and I became the District Couple of the year.  

That is an experience that I will never forget.  It sure meant a lot to me to

think that people thought so much of us.  

Jim:  I think there have been many Highlights.  Becoming involved in the Rider  

Education Program and Advancing to Master Tour Riders (Level IV).  Being asked to become Chapter Directors and re-start CA1S "The Gold Coast Chapter".  This

highlight culminated in finishing our 4 years with the final 2 years as Senior Chapter Directors.  During our time as CD we  were COY first for CA1S and then as COY for the District of California.

Our latest highlight was becoming the District Directors for California and putting on a District Rally which was attended by 574 members.

CA1S: What goals that you have accomplished with the GWRRA are you the most

proud of?

Pat:  Having the opportunity to establish a GREAT chapter like CA1S.  And creating the requirements for the IOY program.  

Jim:  I think the most satisfying thing we have accomplished was being involved is re-starting CA1S.  The first year was challenging but after several people became involved, CA1S has really come to life.

CA1S: What other goals do you have planned as District Directors?

Pat:  The life of a District Director is always changing.  What is important for the District at one time is not what is important at another time.  So the goals for the District are continually changing.  My hope is that we can leave a lasting, and positive

impression on the California members of GWRRA.  

Jim: We have 14 individual District Goals for 2002.  They fall into 5 categories which can be summed up in the following statement.  We are striving for membership growth and to start new chapters,  Through the Rider Education Program to promote safety and provide more opportunities to members to receive training such as Group Riding,  

Ride Captain, Co-Rider seminars, First Aid and CPR.  Host a District Rally providing a multitude of Fun & Educational activities with a wide variety of vendors.  And, encourage interaction between chapters by encouraging chapters visiting other chapter's meetings.

CA1S: What advice do you have for members who are thinking about becoming CDs?

Pat:  Attend a Horizon weekend, you will learn a lot about how GWRRA works.  Jim and I both wish we had done this at the beginning of our time as CD's not at the end.   I think that everyone should be an assistant Chapter Director before becoming a Chapter Director.  One can gain so much knowledge that can be used as a Chapter Director.  

Jim:  The first thing is to be sure that they devote their time on promoting the chapter.  After that it is an adventure of meeting many new friends and working to include more and more members in this GWRRA family.  The job of Chapter Director requires time but through the Team approach encouraged by GWRRA makes the job easier and more fun.

CA1S: What advice do you have for members?

Pat  My advice is to get involved with your chapter.  Take on some type of job, be it small or big.  Then it will truly become YOUR chapter. Go and get involved with the Rallies.  This is the way you will extend your GWRRA family.  I think that the

Rider Ed, program should be a must.  Education (whatever type it is) is something we will always carry with us.  

Jim: Get involved with GWRRA.  The best way is to participate in chapter life.  Bring your ideas to your chapter and help make them come to life.  The chapter will bring your ideas to life when you participate and get involved.

CA1S: Jim, what is your favorite motorcycle you owned?

Jim: My favorite is the one I own now.  Our 1999 GL1500SE.


CA1S: Pat, what motorcycle is the most comfy for you as a co-rider?

Pat:   Our 1500 is the very best.  And since we put on our new Corbin seat, it is even more comfortable.  Especially in the afternoon with the warm sun on my shoulders, it is comfy enough to take a nap.  


CA1S: What motorcycle(s) do you see in your future?

Jim:  There is no motorcycle in our future at this time.  We only have 46,000+ miles on our '99 at this time, so our wing has more than a 100,000 miles left in it.

Pat:  I am sure that someday we will have an 1800. But since we have a TERRIFIC '99, I think an 1800 will wait for awhile.  


CA1S: You both have given so much to the GWRRA, any plans on

becoming "just members" again and relaxing?

Jim:  Our plan is to become "just" members at the end of our Term as District Directors. As just members we will continue to be involved but more as members in a chapter.

Pat:  "Just members",  that is something I am looking forward to.  I wonder just how long that will last before we get itchy feet and want to do something again.  

We will probably have too much time on our hands.



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