Tom & Evelyn Gibson












Evelyn & I started riding motorcycles about 50 years ago.  My Father had 2 Indians, one was a 80 cubic inch Bonyville chief & the other was a Indian Scout, 45 cubic inches.  The scout had a foot clutch & a left hand throttle with a hand shift on the right side.  We rode the Scout with my Mother & Father on their chief for awhile & then we bought a little Indian Warrior, 30 cubic inches,  & then we progressed from there.  

We joined the GWRRA back in 1984 when we lived in Colorado.  We joined to make friends since we were new to Colorado.  Well, we can say we have kept up the motto of family & friends.  Evelyn started out with me at the same time & has loved it ever since.  

In fact Evelyn rode her own motorcycle for some time back & forth to work.  

Well that's about it, I think everyone knows the rest.


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