Dave Golden and Anne Speer

Dave: I have been riding bikes for 26 years. I always ride in the Santa Barbara Abate Toy Run. In 1993, my friend and I was waiting for the ride to start, when I met Frank Luna who was then CD of chapter CA1S, he asked me if I would like to join GWRRA and he gave me an application and I joined and have been an active member ever since, always enjoying the riding and social activities.

At that time I was riding a 1984 GL1200 and I had a lot of fun on this bike and rode to several meetings with Frank and Shirley Luna. Now, lets go back to my first street bike which was a Yamaha DT 400. I rode this bike to work and on some back roads in Santa Barbara and in the mountains. Next, was my first 4 cylinder Honda 400-4 and this bike was so smooth, I made several trips with it.

Then came the 750-4 Honda, I made several long trips with this bike. I rode to Tahoe and made several trips to LA and all over the place with this bike. Later came my 900 custom Honda, now on this bike I made five trips back to the east coast and even to Canada.

Then came my Honda Goldwing 1200 making several trips in the U.S. to Wing-Dings and several rallies and trips. I had a great time riding this bike, and then in 1998 I purchased my 1998 Goldwing 1500 (red), I currently have 64,000 miles on it and while your reading this I probably will be adding a few more miles. I been around a lot on this bike and lovin' every minute of it...


Anne: It was in 1997, I joined with my now ex-husband who was riding one of the other makes of bikes. Soon after joining he traded it in for a new Honda Goldwing 1500. later, after we divorced Dave asked me to ride with him and we have been to 3 Wing-Dings and district rallies, we take several short trips on the bike and really enjoy all the comforts it provides for the co-rider.  

I tell people it is like riding in an easy chair, we really love the Goldwing and all that GWRRA has to offer.

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